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Kérem minden képszerkeszto társam ki elkésziti a bemutatomat tiszteljen meg azzal, hogy elküldi emailben!NEM DISZNEK TETTEM KIAZ EMAILEMET!
A Facebookon jelölje be a nevem a képet ha felrakja ErycaFenyvesine ErinaIgy nem kell keresgélnem a elkeszült képeket a csoportokba

Please on all my picture editor who prepares the presentation by my honor us by sending e-mail have NOT BEEN EXPOSED DECORATIONS IN THE MY EMAIL!
The Facebook check if my name is in the places you can ErycaFenyvesine Erina
So no need to seek to provide not bore images of the groups thanks!

Je demande à tous ma photo éditeur qui prépare la présentation en mon honneur en nous envoyant un e-mail n'a pas été exposée décorations dans le
Le Facebook vérifier si mon nom est dans les endroits où vous pouvez ErycaFenyvesine Erina
Donc, je ne dois pas chercher vos images finies des groupes merci!

I work with PSPX8,but you can follow this tutorial wit another version of PSP.

My own basis Tutorial



 New File-transparent 900x500 Take thefill in the blank foreoground color of your cards New Raster Layers-Layers
Take thefill in the blank Background color of your cards
Click your picture
Layers<New Mask Layer<From Image
Layers<Merge<Merge Group
Image<Edit<Paste As New Layers<Align the left edge of the City in PNG Layers<Duplicate
Image<Mirror<Mirror Horizontal
Layers<Merge<Merge Down 
Layers<New Raster Layer 
Look at the color GRADIENTE
Side toolbar Paint Brush-Click tuto noe57decor
Stamp the left parties have images you see as the pictures

Effects-3D Effects-DropShadow
Tool> Brush Distort> With the following values
And I was the Decor at the end of which there is no winding and mouse left button pressed until until Search similar curlicue
not like decor develop another part of
Horizantal<Layers<Merge<Merge Down
<Image<Flip<Flip Vertical
Move tool grab the image
 at the top Adjuster is commensurate with those below it decorral<Layers<Merge<Merge Down
Raster1 stand on layer
GapColor #0d273c WeaveColor#111c28
City stand on layers
Effects TexturaEffects<Weave
GapColor 30d273c WeaveColor#35577b
Layers-Merge-Merge Visible
Image-Add Borders 60pixels Magic Wand Pen designate the frame
Effects<3D Effects<Outer Bevel
Selection Select None
Fund-up shooting is now come to the Tube
New Raster Layer Layers
Add as File<Open<the women tubedat<Ana Ridzi
scales down and place it in the right place Give him a shadow of
New Raster Layer Layers
It also shielded to do Vases
New Raster Layer Layers
It also En inscription was put in the right place and shielded
Signo sizing:900x500

Send me your picture facebook or 
The images will be down the tutorial!

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